My Life

I will eventually write something better, witty, and amazing. Until then, I will write what I know, and who I think I am. I am still learning about myself. Not to mention...It is really hard to describe a person in a few paragraphs, but here it goes.

I was born in Richmond, Mo on November 24, 1984.

The most important people in my life are my kids and my family. They give me a reason to wake up every morning (and boy do I love sleep).
The Family!!
Aiden- my son, the strong little man is 4.
Brecklyn- my creative little girl is 3.
The rest of my family and friends are a huge part of my life as well!
Find me on facebook to see pictures!!!
I remember writing my first book in the second grade, What Animals Say.  Not only did I write it, I illustrated it. Note to everyone: since then I have realized that my talents do not include drawling, painting, sculpting, or even coloring inside the lines. Creativity definitely comes in many different forms.
I wrote another book in the fifth grade about love and boys....the teacher told me to scrap it, and so I wrote a story about a girl whose friends stole from her....I shouldn't have went with the teachers advice for the writing project. I prefer love stories!
Throughout middle school, high school, and college I began many stories but never finished them. It wasn't until I had a husband, two kids, and a full time job that I finished my first novel, Chained. It was an obsession that I hope to soon feel again with my wip.
I love food!
My favorite color is pink!

I am a color specialist and stylist...loving my job!

About me...hmmmm...more to come?!?