Friday, February 25, 2011


My first inspiration to write came from R.L.Stine. I began reading goosebump books at a babysitters house in the 3rd grade. I instantly fell in love.
He has sold over 350 million books, and is still creating stories and T.V. show. I could only hope to have half of the success he has. (But who am I kidding I would like to have the same success or more hehe...I can dream can't I)

My second inspiration came from V.C. Andrews. I was obsessed with the Flowers in the Attic Book Series. I read other books by the name V.C. Andrews but they were written by other authors using her name. Though the books were good, they were not the same.

The last author that really gave me that extra push was none other than J.K. Rowling. I admire her more than any other writer, not just because I am a big fan of Harry Potter, but because of her story. She is a genuine person, and I LOVE HER!

I should also mention that I adore Steohenie Meyer. Though I was already writing when she came out with the Twilight Saga, I am still in complete AWW of the love story she created.

Now that I look at my own writing I  realize how every single one of these authors have inspired me. Not only can my writting be creepy and twisted (R.L. and V.C), but it can also be magical and filled with unconditional love (J.K. and Stephenie)....I love so many aspects of these books. It really makes sense to me now how I try to achieve everything that I love in every novel I write.

What books and authors inspire any of you to write? What favorite books do any of you love to reread?

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