Friday, February 11, 2011


Authors catch fire with self-published e-books......MUST READ!!!!

This article gives me hope. The main reason I write is because I love to create and share stories. I can't help but  think....I HAVE A CHANCE!

Now, of course I will try the traditional way to get my work published, but I like the fact that I will be able to share my work with the world regardless. It is a dream of mine to have people worried about the character's lives I have created. I want them to wonder WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!?!

Stories are not meant to be trunked...they are meant to be shared, and I congratulate these authors for taking their own fate into their hands!

TIP OF THE DAY: Believe it or not, but crimping is IN! I know, I absurd....BUT TRUE!!!! I have a favorite texture iron to recommend to all of you....SAM VILLA'S "TEXTUR" Iron is now for sale....check it out!
I have personally trained with this man and he KNOWS what he is talking about!!

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  1. I know what you mean. Sometimes I think the greatest gift you can give a writer is to read what they've written. I love it when people read me in any format!