Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Make a scene I have been hard at work (both actual work and writing). And I have just started an amazing book that has really helped my writing ability.

Make A Scene by Jordan E. Rosemfeld

It really made me think...WOW ...that was what my novels have been missing!

There is a recipe to every "scene" to make it great.

I suggest that if you are writing a novel then this book is a MUST!!!

On another note: I have just got back from Las Vegas for continuing education in my profession, and I would like to end each blog with a tip. Too many people are suffering from BH (Bad Hair), and I believe it is our job (as the doctors of hair) to help others. Especially others who have had there hair messed up by their own stylist.

Tip of the Day:   Pay attention to what your stylist or color specialist is doing to your hair. Never EVER let them bleach any part of your hair that is already bleached (unless your are going lighter and your hair is in good condition). On a weekly basis I see hair that has been fried to a crisp and breaking off. It is also imperative that if you are coloring your hair at home NOT to pull the blond color through to the ends each time! I am sure you have all seen orange roots and white fuzzy ends on someone!
Recommendation: Try a reconstructor to repair your damaged hair. Purology has a great one that I use myself!! It is in the green bottle! Protein is what your hair needs to rebuild itself.


  1. What about Aveda? My stylist does not use bleach (Aveda Salon) and my hair is so gold/redish. I like it to be blonder and am getting frustrated because I like her so much. But, I also sort of want to go to another salon to get some blonder pieces weaved in.

    Any suggestions?

    I found you through twitter.

  2. Hi Alie!
    I have used AVEDA and I know for a fact that they do indeed have a bleach! I love the color line and I know that if you are wanting to go a little lighter your current stylist can do it. The hard part is for clients to tell their stylist what they want, and for their stylist to actually follow through. We do tend to believe that we know what is best :). If your hair is healthy I see no reason why she can't pull a few lighter blond pieces through. If she is concerned about the integrity of your hair, then I suggest that you talk to her about doing protein treatment on your hair 2 weeks prior to your coloring service.
    If you have any more questions feel free to ask. I love what I do, and I feel that it is important for me to help others where I can.
    Thanks for the follow!